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Cliché as it May Sound; Never Put all the Eggs in Once Basket

feature-3A simple but sometimes hard to understand rules, others say that your money should be on different Bank, could possibly be in general but what it actually says is never to focus on one investment alone. Always place your investment on other to secure and be safe when something went wrong with one or two of those. Read More→

Why You Should Invest into Time Deposit Account

feature-2Placing your bank deposit into a time deposit would mean a longer amount of time that a money will be “borrowed by the bank” for a specific period of time to bear interest that is a bit higher as compared to normal savings account. Read More→

Real Estate Investment Guide

feature-1Investing in real estate would mean a huge amount of money to be converted into “solid asset”. It will be a good idea to invest in real estate because most of the real estate investment are moving upward. But… You have to make sure of different factors such as but not limited to: Lower Market Value of the property being sold as against it’s saleable value. Read More→