Samsung JU6500 VS Sharp UB300 4k TV Comparison


The use of 4K resolution in the TV production world has become a basic consideration for any TV manufacture company to have and or maintain its competitive edge. The Samsung UN60JU6500 and Sharp UB30U are perfect examples of television series for which the application of 4k Resolution has found relevance. It would be an issue of concern however, if a viewer was out to settle on either of the TV makes. A closer look into the specifications of each make however sets out some clear-cut differences which a viewer would rely on to make a concise judgment on the make to purchase.

Motion Blur

With the Sharp UB30U series, there is a blur observed in the transition from middle white to the total white in the viewing process. This of course translates to frustration to the viewers who are out to have clear viewing even with transitions. The Samsung JU6500 series has on the other hand build upon Clear Motion Rate Technology which helps reduce distortions associated with motion blurs.


The sharp UBU30 series has an input lag of 79.7 ms which is actually very high. The Samsung Ju6500 has a very low input lag, a reason it’s used by most PlayStation gamers. If the input lag is to go by, it’s quite definite that a Sharp UBU30 would be ousted be the Samsung JU6500.


HDR support

High Definition Range is the next big advancement after 4k Resolution and most Television producers are making a point of ensuring that the series of televisions they produce support HDR content or can do so in the future. Apparently, the Samsung JU6500 and the Sharp UB30U lack the HDR support feature which brings them to an even in the essence of a selection based on this factor.


How thick or how thin a gadget is defines its sleekness. The makers of the Samsung UN60JU6500 capitalize on this fact to build a 2.5 inch thick television. In comparison to the Samsung JU6500 make, the Sharp UB30U make is .014inches thicker at 2.64 inches, which makes the Samsung JU6500 the sleeker gadget of the two.

The operating system

Driven by the magnitude of competition, television producers have gone to the heights of creating operating systems which make the viewing experience more enjoyable. The makers of the Sharp UB30U Series incorporate the Basic operating System. Viewer feedback has revolved around the features of the Operating system being limited in creating a greater experience and also not being user friendly. The SamsungJU6500 has on the other hand built upon its very own Tizen Operating System which has an amazing compatibility with UHD Media and allows for quite a large number of entertainment applications.

The support of external devices

Television monitors, more so in the case where the screen size is quite large can be of great use in the display of content. Television manufacturers have over the recent years included the USB and HDMI ports for that purpose. The Samsung JU6500 Series comes with 4 HDMI ports and 3 USB ports. On the other hand, the Sharp UB30U has 4 HDMI ports and 2 USB ports. An extra USB port in the Samsung JU6500 gives it the edge over the Sharp UB30U.

Refresh rate

The best make in the series of each television caters for a 120HZ refresh rate, which creates a tie between the Samsung UN60JU6500 and the Sharp UB30U. With the Sharp UB30U however, only those with aquomotion have a 120HZ refresh rate as the others have a 60Hz refresh rate.

The range of screen sizes

The Samsung JU6500 comes with a range of seven screen sizes which of course affect the pricing of the television set with the screen size in question. The screen sizes in the range are: 40 inches, 48 inches, 50 inches, 55 inches, 60 inches, 65 inches and 75 inches.

The Sharp UB30U series only four screen sizes from the 43 inch, 50inch, 55 inch and finally the 65 inch, which is the largest in the series. Going by the range, viewers have a greater screen size range at their disposition with the Samsung JU6500 as compared to the Sharp UB30U series.

Sound production

The sharp UB30U is a disappointment when it comes to sound production with the lack of enough bass and its failure to get loud enough. The Samsung JU6500 is more superior with the DTS premium sound and 10W dual speakers for stereo audio playback.


There are more specifications to go by but the above provide an outright winner, the Samsung JU6500 which in comparison to the Sharp UB30U has better specifications and the greater value for money.